This is a 9,000 word short story originally published in the anthology, Entangled. It is the story of Sian and Taz from the Family Blood Ties series. They are friends of Rhia, Serus, and Goran – and of course, the kids.

Sian's Solution R3Sometimes the depth of love is only understood when it is lost forever…

When a vampire discovers the human man she loves has been captured and hung in a blood farm, she goes against her own kind and risks everything to save him.

Sian Tallant is a scientist and a vampire. Her lover is a doctor and a human. Their relationship is taboo. Taz doesn’t know that she is a vampire. But when she tried to break up with him, he followed her into vampire territory and was captured.

Now it is up to Sian to free the man she loves — even though he might hate her for what she is.

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