Shattered R0.03

Some events are life shattering…

Caught in a gilded cage for most of her life, Hannah can’t stop trying to escape. There’s something wrong with her that the doctors can’t figure it out, but she…’d rather be free and die then stay trapped… forever.

Caught once again, Trevor others her a unique way out. Should she trust him? And what if he finds out the truth – will he still be on her side?

Trevor knew he much to make up for in his life. And he worked at it every day of his life. But when the opportunity to rescue an incredibly talented waif, he hadn’t realize how much would be asked of him.

Time is against them. And that’s when they find out that not all enemies are outside in the world.

Sometimes they are inside… we just don’t know it…


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Psychic Visions Series


  1. Damarys
    July 6, 2016

    Hi!!! I love the series….

    Recently I downloaded Shattered to my Kindle and I’m reading it. I noticed that Stephan’s wife name is different from their story Eyes to the Soul. Maybe I’m wrong? Her name is Celina in that story…however in Shattered is Mina???? I’m confused because I love Celina’s character. She is so brave. Is that a typo? A mistake? Thank you for taking the time to answer me.

    • Dale Mayer
      July 15, 2016

      Hi Damarys! You’re right it’s an error. I’ve got the fix in process then will reupload. I do check but seem to always make some. lol.


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