This trilogy contains the full series – an urban fantasy series of action, adventure, other dimensions and of course, with a little…love.

Included here are:

Dangerous Designs

Drawing is her world…but when her new pencil comes alive, it’s his world too.

Her… Storey Dalton is seventeen and now boyfriendless after being dumped via Facebook. Drawing is her escape. It’s like as soon as she gets down one image, a dozen more are pressing in on her. Then she realizes her pictures are almost drawing themselves…or is it that her new pencil is alive?

Him… Eric Jordan is a new Ranger and the only son of the Councilman to his world. He’s crossed the veil between dimensions to retrieve a lost stylus. But Storey is already experimenting with her new pencil and what her drawings can do – like open portals.

It… The stylus is a soul-bound intelligence from Eric’s dimension on Earth and uses Storey’s unsuspecting mind to seek its way home, giving her an unbelievable power. She unwittingly opens a third dimension, one that held a dangerous predatory species banished from Eric’s world centuries ago, releasing these animals into both dimensions.

Them… Once in Eric’s homeland, Storey is blamed for the calamity sentenced to death. When she escapes, Eric is ordered to bring her back or face that same death penalty. With nothing to lose, can they work together across dimensions to save both their worlds?


Deadly Designs

Drawing is her world…but when she’s banished to a deadly new world and needs help, it’s his world too.

Her… Storey Dalton wants to go home – but something goes terrifyingly wrong and she ends up in her worst nightmare. There’s no escape…not without Eric or her stylus. Then she finds someone who needs rescuing even more than she does…

Him… Eric Jordan races to save Storey, only to realize a close family member has betrayed them both. Now the enemy is closing in on him. When he meets up with Storey, he knows her plans are a bad idea, but she won’t be dissuaded…and it could be their only way of staying alive.

It… The stylus, now bonded to Storey’s artistic soul, is determined to survive this new chaos – against all odds. But damaged from a prolonged separation, he can’t help Story or Eric – without making things worse.

Them… Storey is determined to make things right. Eric is determined to help her. Neither counts the personal cost, until their very lives are in danger.


Darkest Designs

Drawing is her world…but when she’s pushed into the In-Between and thought lost forever, it’s his world too. 

Her… Storey doesn’t want to become a living dead lost In-between. She thought she’d known the worst that could happen…but she wasn’t even close. ey Dalton wants her life back. Her home back. Her world back. The way they were before she messed with time. She does not want t

Him… Eric thought he’d seen the worst that his father could do…but he hadn’t…unfortunately. Heartbroken and panicked, Eric tracks Storey to the misty dead space – and follows her in. There is a way out – but not a way that anyone would willingly choose. 

It… The stylus has no way to help with Storey’s latest predicament. But survival is paramount. Only this time it can’t do it alone. There might be help available…if they can save someone else…first. 

Them… Storey wants to save her world. Eric wants to save Storey. The stylus wants them to save someone else. But can anyone save them all? 



  1. Jopy
    June 23, 2017

    Please where can I read it online? It’s not available in my country for download😫 I read dangerous designs and it was beautiful
    I love Love Love Love Love youuuu. Your books are amazing

    • Dale Mayer
      October 20, 2017

      Hi Jopy,

      The other two books in this trilogy aren’t available free to read any where at this time. I might add them to Wattpad in the future. I’m just not sure yet.

  2. Loralee Brown
    May 22, 2017

    Have liked all of your books so far. Design Trilogy was a very good read. You really have a great imagination. Love all the dimensions.

    • Dale Mayer
      August 8, 2017

      Thanks Loralee – Honestly that series is one of my favorites. There are some great twists that all worked so well. I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

  3. Peggy Cunningham
    March 9, 2016

    Please let me know when the Design Series comes out in Kobo. Thank you

  4. Michelle
    February 27, 2016

    Read the first one, but the rest aren’t available in the USA… So confused.

    • Dale Mayer
      March 6, 2016

      I’m so sorry – they went into Amazon’s program and won’t be out until May! 🙁 I’ll send you an email.

      • Stef
        May 19, 2016

        Hello I LOVE your books! Are 2&3 deadly design out in uk yet? Never stop writing… And thank you!!


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