Drawing is her world…but when she’s pushed into the In-Between and thought lost forever, it’s his world too. 

Her… Storey doesn’t want to become a living dead lost In-between. She thought she’d known the worst that could happen…but she wasn’t even close. ey Dalton wants her life back. Her home back. Her world back. The way they were before she messed with time. She does not want t

Him… Eric thought he’d seen the worst that his father could do…but he hadn’t…unfortunately. Heartbroken and panicked, Eric tracks Storey to the misty dead space – and follows her in. There is a way out – but not a way that anyone would willingly choose. 

It… The stylus has no way to help with Storey’s latest predicament. But survival is paramount. Only this time it can’t do it alone. There might be help available…if they can save someone else…first. 

Them… Storey wants to save her world. Eric wants to save Storey. The stylus wants them to save someone else. But can anyone save them all? 

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  1. Mr David S Paulson PhD
    August 11, 2016

    In a word: satisfying. That is how I feel about your Designs trilogy.
    Which is more than a bit odd, really, considering that I am a 67 year old Disabled Veteran whose taste runs to such as David Weber.
    One of my remaining joys in life is reading new (to me). authors randomly found in anthologies under free books. Your series was in one , the first book, I mean. I promptly bought the other two.
    As to why they were so satisfying:
    I am fond of well-executed English usage; not a word out of place in the series.
    I revel in fresh variations on a theme; originality fairly oozed from Designs.
    I want people to feel for as characters and I’m a real sap for family; you did not disappoint.

    I believe I shall be sampling all of your vintage and enjoying every drop.

    • Dale Mayer
      August 15, 2016

      Hi David,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. And a bigger thank you for reading the Design series. I love those books! I do love writing unique stories that take one to the edge of the their beliefs and drop them over. 🙂

      I also love David Weber’s books. You, sir, have great taste! 🙂


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