Broken Protocols 1-3 R0.2This is the Broken Protocols trilogy containing:

Broken Protocols

Dani’s been through a year of hell… 

Just as it’s getting better, she’s tossed forward through time with her orange Persian cat, Charmin Marvin, clutched in her arms. They’re dropped into a few centuries into the future. There’s nothing she can do to stop it, and it’s impossible to go back. 

And then it gets worse… 

A year of government regulation is easing, and Levi Blackburn is feeling back in control. If he can keep his reckless brother in check, everything will be perfect. But while he’s been protecting Milo from the government, Milo’s been busy working on a present for him… 

The present is Dani, only she comes with a snarky cat who suddenly starts talking…and doesn’t know when to shut up. 

In an age where breaking protocols have severe consequences, things go wrong, putting them all in danger… 


Broken Protocols 2

The future is a dangerous place…

To save her skin and the skin of her new lover, Dani Summerland marries Levi Blackburn. That’s the good part. The bad part is that she and Levi realize they’re pawns in a game with no rule book.

Levi Blackburn can’t believe he’s married – but he’s a lucky man and he knows it. Now he needs to find out who is after Dani and why so they can start their honeymoon.

As they struggle to find out who’s targeting them and what they want, the danger escalates and people around them start dying.

It’s a good thing Charmin Marvin, her talking cat, is helping them.

More protocols are broken and if they can’t win this game, their lives will be broken, too.


Broken Protocols 3

Dani and Levi Blackburn have slid from being in trouble to borderline hell…

They uncover hints of a dangerous conspiracy permeating the very foundation of their society. And people are disappearing, one by one…

If it weren’t for Levi’s twisted-genius brother and Charmin Marvin, Dani’s talking cat, they wouldn’t have gotten this far. At least, not alive.

Only they aren’t far enough, because someone is still after Dani – and everyone connected to her.

They need to find a way to expose the massive cover up- and fast… before they are eliminated. Forever.



  1. Bettie Stanislao
    January 25, 2016

    My comment is above.

  2. Bettie Stanislao
    January 25, 2016

    I read the first Charmin Marvin Broken Protocols and want to purchase all of the other books in this series. Although I am owned by two precious poodles, I love all animals and enjoyed reading the first Broken Protocols. In fact, I could not put my Kindle down without reading the whole story. Now I want to purchase all of the others in the series in the Kindle format. Where can they be purchased? I enjoy mysteries, especially those with animals. The first Broken Protocols is humorous yet serious. The main characters are realistic (yet fantasy) so that the reader finds him or herself feeling the emotions, anxieties, joy and anger incorporated by the author. Dale Mayer is very gifted in all writing whether fact or fiction.

    • Dale Mayer
      January 28, 2016

      Hi Bettie! I LOVE Charmin Marvin! He’s such fun. The books are on Amazon only at this point in time, although that will change in a few months. The Christmas book with him is especially fun. Lol. Another book of mine with an animal overtone is It’s a Dog’s Life. Also on Amazon. 🙂


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