This is the full set of Biker Blues: Morgan.

It would be a mistake to take him back.

Morgan had broken her heart once. She didn’t dare let him hurt her again. But with the death of a man who could be his brother, Jazz finds herself embroiled in a series of murders and the only tie between them is a tattoo – one of her designs.

Morgan has made a lot of mistakes, but he made one monumental one when he walked out on Jazz. He thought he’d done it for the right reasons. Instead, he’d believed the tales he’d been told and lost his one chance at happiness. Now things have changed and even though it sounds impossible, he wants her back.

But as the bodies pile up, and the lies unravel, the truth has never been further away. 18+ for adult situations and language.

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Biker Blues


  1. Ali Greene
    February 5, 2017

    Oh my! When I first saw the cover of this book I thought it was a bit saucy looking for you Dale! How wrong could I have been and how brilliant was these books! Well I misjudged you, I apologise. I loved this fast moving storyline with so much going on, in such a short space of time. It was completely enthralling to read and I just couldn’t put it down! It gave an insight into many areas and I found it educational in many ways too! Whether you meant to or not! You had me fooled as too “who done it” to! Had thought Perl but Roxy was my biggest contender as the murder et al!
    I just cannot believe how you manage to keep writing such mind provoking books in so many interesting ways! Your a legend! Love Ya! Keep them coming! So proud and privileged to be able to read your novels! Congratulations yet again! Ali x

    • Dale Mayer
      February 6, 2017

      Hi Ali, Isn’t that a unique cover. 🙂 I did enjoy that story. There was a lot of action and emotion that made it very real for me. I do love to write ‘who done its’ makes life a little more interesting that way!


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